AlusionTM can be used in the following applications:

• Wall Cladding
• Showroom Displays
• Restaurants and Bars
• Offices and Apartment Buildings
• Ceiling Tiles

• Flooring
• Signs
• Lighting
• Fixtures
• Exhibits

We are always excited to hear new creative application ideas – please let us know how you have used AlusionTM!

Here are some of the applications for which architects and designers have used AlusionTM.

Wall Cladding
AlusionTM makes a statement as a dramatic new cladding for a feature wall or for cladding the entire exterior of a building. Its metallic luster combined with a variety of finishes, each of which offers a distinctive surface that cannot be exactly reproduced, can add a signature touch to any work of architecture. Visitors to the new Vancouver Convention Center will be greeted by a stunning LCD lit feature wall clad with 43MM translucent AlusionTM. Photo of the VCC

>Vancouver Convention Center
>Crumbs Café - by Pericles Liatsos Designers
>Church Catalonia Spain
>Meydenbauer Center
>Lake Geneva Center
>Building Entrance Facade

Feature Project – 911 Memorial
On Tuesday, September 11 2001, 24 Service Employees of International Union Members of local 32BJ were killed when hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. A special memorial has been constructed to honor the victims. ALUSIONTM is proud to be a part of the memorial... [Full Story]

AlusionTM finishes may be used for creating designer ceilings. We can provide finished ceilings made of AlusionTM, based on specific requirements.

> Café Baluarte’ Pamplona Spain
> Office Ceiling
> Einstein Café
> Lobby UBS Corratria
> Reception Ceiling
> Boardroom Ceiling
> Casino Ceiling
> Casino Espinho, Portugal

AlusionTM has been used as walls, tabletops, and floor stands for exhibits and booths. The material can be used to construct the entire booth, actual walls of booths and display fixtures.

> Dupont's Trade Show Booth
> Audi Show room
> Absolute Bar
> Volcano Display
> Ferrari Display Booth
> LG Booth
> Alusion Booth

AlusionTM has been used in various forms in the retail sector. It can be used as wall cladding, giving a unique look to the in-store environment. Another major application area is the display fixture. AlusionTM distinctive look lends itself to endless creative options.

> The Apartment
> Fashion Store Italy
> Surrey Bookstore
> Brick LG Display

AlusionTM can be used for outdoor signage for retail stores, hotels, buildings, etc. With the application of a marine-based powder, AlusionTM is readily adaptable to exterior use.

> Signage
> Daisy Entrance Way
> Giltspur_Lobby
> Audi Sign
> Humber Sign

Architectural Blast
There is a very specific architectural use for Cymat’s aluminum foam, quite unique from typical aesthetic applications. The foam can be modified in densities and thicknesses, tailored to the customer’s needs, to mitigate the energy from bomb blast. It can be incorporated in walls, ceiling, and floors, or used to line structural elements as part of a subsystem to mitigate the structural damage of bomb blast and reduce the kinetic energy of fragments. This modified form of Alusion is branded under SmartShield and more information can be found at